Ringvaart Regatta

The Ringvaart Regatta is an annual continuous rowing marathon of 100 kilometres. The race
starts in Leiden, after which the Kaag is crossed to reach the Ringvaart. After a lap on the
Ringvaart the Kaag will be passed again on the road to Leiden and finally Delft where the
finish will be. The Ringvaart Regatta can be started in different boat types: alone, with 2, 4 or
8. However, the race must be rowed out by the same people, so changing rowers along the
way is not allowed.

In the past few years many groups of Vidraten have competed on the water and have been
able to row the Ringvaart. Rowing the Ringvaart is often a challenge that is sometimes
rowed for fun or as a tradition. Besides the fact that the Ringvaart shows many rowing
achievements, it is also raises money for charity. Last year 5 Vidar teams did the Ringvaart and raised more than 4000 euro for the following charities: Foundation 113 suicide prevention, Rick Jonckheere Foundation and WFEF (university grants for Nigerian children).

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