The opening of the rowing season for the recreational rowers takes place annually at Vidar.
The Heineken Opening Tournament is the biggest event held annually for the ‘competitie
roeiers’ of the Dutch competition. More than 2500 students come to Tilburg for a weekend
of rowing and partying.

The event contains all the facets that make recreational rowing so beautiful. On Saturday and
Sunday are the matches and of course the parties are not lacking. On Friday there will be a
party in the Society of Vidar. On Saturday the infamous tent with pole party is on the
programme. What this means, you can only experience it by being there yourself!

Next season the HOT will take place on 21 and 22 March 2020.

Aftermovie HOT 2018

T.S.R. Vidar

Beekse Bergen 5
5041 NJ   Hilvarenbeek