Competition Training Weekend

The Competition Training Weekend is an annual event organized by and at TSR Vidar. The weekend is organized in mid-February, before the competition season, only for the competition rowers. During this weekend, 5 associations (Okeanos, Saurus, Pelargos en Theta) from the Netherlands gather at Vidar to train and party together. 

The weekend starts with a party on Friday in the ‘Societeit’ where the first ´brassing´ is shown to each other. On Saturday, there will be two training sessions with video analysis (made from the motorboat) with careful attention to the points for improvements. In the evening, a big party will take place after the beer cantus. On Sunday, the weekend is closed with a race over 500 metres. After the qualification matches, it will be decided during the finals which team is currently the strongest of the Netherlands.


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