Elfsteden Roeimarathon

The Elfsteden Roeimarathon ('eleven cities rowing marathon') is an annual race that takes place over the small waters in
Friesland. Within 24 hours, a 210-kilometre trip must be made. The race may only be started
in a double 2 boat with helmsman/woman. With a team of 10 rowers and 2 coxswains you
will compete on the water.

Keiretsu and Fabras have been participating in the race together for years. In 2017 Keiretsu
and Fabras were allowed to open the race with the starting shot because they participated
in the race for 10 years.

Last year the disputes rowed the Elfsteden Roeimarathon for the first time for charity and
raised a nice amount of 680 euro for Stichting Poels.

T.S.R. Vidar

Beekse Bergen 5
5041 NJ   Hilvarenbeek