During the TOP week and Purpleweek you can find Vidar Festival in the city center, but even better: at Vidar we also have lots of activities to do! The perfect moment to experience why Vidar will complete your student life. Whether you come in the afternoon, at night or the entire week: expect a good vibe at the waterside, lovely drinks, good tunes and lots of cool fellow students. 

Afternoon program 

During the afternoon program Vidar Festival has lots of activities to offer. After the tour you can make your first strokes in a rowing boeat of measure your strength during the erg-championships! There will also be demonstrations from Vidar teams who compete with the national and international top rowers. After all of this, you an enjoy the good tunes, relax in the chill area or cool down with an ice cream.  

Evening program

In the next weeks we will announce our evening program on Facebook, Instagram and on our website. Like our Facebook and Instagram and keep you posted!


Places to sleep

Throughout the entire city you will find lots of Vidar houses. You can recognize them at the green signs near the windows. Rowing houses, sorority/fraternity houses, mixed houses, we have it all! If you need a place to stay during the introduction week? Fill in this form and we will contact you soon! t met je op!

Become a member! 

If you want to join Vidar and become a Vidraat, you can fill in this form online or during the TOP-/Purple week. If you are still having doubts during the introduction week, you can come over for an open activity in a smaller setting. We will post more information about the open activity on this page soon.