Rowing houses

Vidar houses have taken a central place within the club life of the T.S.R. Vidar. A while after the founding of Vidar, more and more Vidraten decided to live together in one house. From 1979, with the creation of the Huijgensstraat, the tradition arose to form a real Vidar house only with Vidraten.

Other Vidar houses formed in the following years. Some houses continued to exist, others disappeared over the years or changed location. At the moment there are six official Vidar houses in the center of Tilburg. The houses vary in size from four to nine residents.

The so-called Vidar houses are only occupied by members of Vidar. Most of the time it concerns professional rowers or people who are involved in rowing as coaches or coxes. In addition, many house residents are committee members or board members. In addition to the mutual indoor fun and other activities within the association, the Vidar houses organize a large foam party at Vidar every year.

The Happy Family

Christiaan Huijgensstraat


Godfried Schalckenstraat 7



Poststraat 36



T.S.R. Vidar

Beekse Bergen 5
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