Recreational rowing

In addition to the fanatic competitive rowing, Vidar also allows you to compete at recreational level. You train with your team once or four times a week. Recreational rowing is rowing on a recreational level which creates a relaxed combination between rowing and student life. This ensures fun on both the water and at the bar.

As a first year member of Vidar you can fight for a place in a trophy/classifications team of 7
to 8 people who start rotating in a C4+ (boat for 4 people with cox). With this crew you will
start races in the ‘stuurboord’ or ‘bakboord’ cup organized by the NSRF (Dutch Student
Rowing Federation). During this season, you will travel to multiple races, rowing different
distances, against clubs throughout the country. Recreational rowing is all about obtaining a 'shower coin', this is the reward for winning an A-final.

What makes recreational rowing so unique is of course the combination of rowing and
partying. During the season there are always parties after the races at the various clubs.
With a large group of Vidraten, we travel to these parties to party (and to play ‘brassen’)
with the other clubs. The biggest party of the year is the opening of the season at our own
club: the Heineken Opening Tournament.

If after your first year you still don't have enough of rowing and/or want to try a new boat,
that's also possible! For this, we have the ‘oudejaars competitieroeien’. In the ‘oudejaars
competitieroeien’ you are free to occasionally train or start fanatic competitions. In addition, here you can choose to row in different boat types. This way you can get into a boat alone, with two, four or eight.

"Rowing has taught me that you can get far with a good attitude."

Recreational rower speaking:

Jean-Marie rowed in 2018 as a first year student in the ‘competitie’ crew of Heren 1. He
says: "' Not only the rowing itself, but also everything that has to do with ‘competitive rowing’
makes it a very nice experience. Every few weekends there is a tournament at a student
rowing club, where teams from different clubs compete against each other to uphold the
honour of their club. They do this not only on the water, but also at the bar!

Rowing has taught me that you can get far with a good attitude. Together with my rowing
crew we decided to take rowing seriously by training several times a week. We saw this back
in the quicker times we rowed and in our improved technique.

My best moment was the Skøll Cup. This is a rowing tournament in Amsterdam where Vidar
always participates. With all the ‘competitie’ rowers we stayed there for a whole weekend.
Besides the rowing races during the day, we were able to prove ourselves on the dance floor
and at the bar in the evening! "'

T.S.R. Vidar

Beekse Bergen 5
5041 NJ   Hilvarenbeek